Plant Rescue: Crassula

mystery plant rescue crassula

I have a habit of rescuing plants I see at the market, or wherever. I just feel sorry for them. They usually look broken, wilted or tired. They just need a little love to make them all better. I can’t resist.

Here’s my latest rescue: it is in the Crassula species. It looks a lot like a crassula ovata (Jade Plant), except it is enlarged. The leaves are about twice the size of a jade. They’re also much more grey. It think it’s a crassula arborescens, but I’ll have to do a little research first. I’ll also have to figure out how to upload photos of our little project, so hang tight.

When I found it at the dollar store the tips had been broken off the tops and the leaves were laying on the dirt, and the two cuttings (with roots) were askew in the loose dirt. It hadn’t been watered – ever. But since it’s a succulent we’re OK.

So far I’ve given it a slightly larger pot adding a little compost (from a bag) and a little of my nice heavy, clay soil. The existing potting soil was your basic mix with a lot of vermiculite. Layering the three different soil types into the pot, I settled the cuttings in the soil and tucked in two of the leaves just for fun.

I’m keeping the pot a little on the moist side to help the plant regroup, and to encourage the leaves to start rooting. The plant is outside in dappled sun. Check back later for his continuing adventures.