Batton Down the Hatches! The Santa Ana Winds are in Town!

Windy palm trees in Los Angeles

Yikes! Anyone living in the Los Angeles basin is enjoying the Santa Ana winds right now.

Yes, it IS over 70 degrees outside, but it’s the winds that get you. It’s like being in a wind tunnel that has a glitch in the system. One minute it’s 70 mph wind gusts, then it’s quiet.

The air it calm and warm.

Then you’ll feel a slight breeze…

Aahh, you think as the warm, desert-scented air caresses your face…..

Then BLAM. An 80 mile-per-hour gust blasts you. The wind chimes all slam together in a noisy cacophony that sounds like a body just dropped out of the ceiling onto the orchestra pit on Oscar night, and all the instruments are clanging together.

The limbs on my trees are waving in the wind. I can hear lawn furniture being batted around next door. The sound effects are straight out of The Wizard of Oz.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Don’t forget to:

* Bring in or secure your lawn furniture.
* Close your umbrellas.
* Make sure smaller plant pots are secured from blowing away.
* You can weigh down your pots by watering them. They’ll be dry from the winds, so they’ll appreciate it.

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