Color Changing Succulent Plant Aeonium Part 2

Here’s an update on my color changing aeonium plant.

In our last episode, my green succulent plant was changing colors for Winter.
Here’s our plant developing a creamy white center, about two week ago (on the left).
Now the plant is getting red highlights around the edges of the leafs, and the cream is getting bigger and creamier in the center.
Here’s a photo of the same plant on the right.  One of the smaller rosettes is almost completely cream color with the red really starting to show up nicely.
The show usually lasts a few more weeks.  If this plant decides to bloom, it will be in a few months.   I’m not sure flowers can beat the display this plant is already putting on!
How would you find one of these?  I don’t know.  I’d suggest checking out your nursery right now and look for strange colors.  That’s part of the fun; trying new plants and finding out what they do!