Color Change Aeonium Plant Update 3

aeonium succulent plant

Here’s the latest on the aeonium plant on my patio that has been changing colors.

Now you can really see the red around the leaf edges.  The small inside leaves are all creamy instead of cream and green stripes.  Very cool!
None of the other aeoniums in my garden are changing like this.  I’ve got to remember to root a few leaf cuttings of this one. I still think this looks more like an echeveria, but I’m told the aerial roots are the dead-giveaway.
I have a crassula capitella that changes from green to red, but I don’t think it puts on a show like this guy.  This plant is a trooper too.  It started out as a little sprig in a pot with a lower growing succulent.  It branched out and started to look like a tree from a Dr. Suese book.  Then we had a hard frost last year.  The plant was turned into a little twig.  I just couldn’t give up on him (see earlier plant rescue posts), AND it’s the only one that changes colors like this.  So, I left the twig in the pot and hoped.  It took a few months, but the plant started to put out growth again – as we see.