Crassula Plant Rescue Update

As you may recall, I rescued a crassula succulent plant from the store.  Unfortunately he suffered a cruel attack by a weed-whacker.

I decided I needed to continue his saga, for good or bad.  I was pretty sure since it was a succulent he’d recover.  Also, I still have the roots in the container, which comes in handy when all you have left is a stump.

Anyway, last month, when we last left our intrepid crassula, there was one chopped off leaf. In screenwriter lingo this is known as Apparent Defeat.  Like when Frodo and Sam are suck on the rock in the lava flow.  But it just makes the victory all the better in the end.

crassula rescue regrowth
crassula rescue regrowth

I decided to leave him in the pot.  He’s been through enough trauma for now.  As you can see, the crassula has started sprouting leafs at the bottom of the one stump.  The chopped off leaf has healed completely.  It won’t grow back the top part tho.

And on the left, there’s a little nub of a branch left.  There’s a tiny bit of green starting.  Hopefully by next month it will be a whole leaf!