Plant Profile: Crassula Portulacea or Spoon Jade or ET Fingers or Gollum Jade

gollum jade crassula portulacea tGP

Any more names for this jade species?

I’ve always appreciated it for the way it looks like coral, sea grass or some exotic undersea plant you’d find waving with the currents in Ariel’s Secret Grotto.

Horseshoe or Spoon Jade is also called Gollum Fingers or ET fingers. These plants can take full sun to light shade. In container gardens they will remain small and are often used for bonsai. In the ground these succulent plants will slowly reach a height of 4 – 5”.

They are just as easy to care for as their jade cousins, Crassula ovata. They are happy indoors or outdoors.

Crassulas are drought tolerant and only want light watering. Let the soil dry out between watering to avoid rot. Every year mine are able to take a light frost for a few hours. I’d give them overhead protection in winter.

I’ve got a little corner of the garden that I’d like to look like an underwater grotto – except without the water. Here in Los Angeles we don’t get a lot of rain, so I’m planting it with succulents. These plants add a dramatic touch and look like some sort of sea plant or coral to me. – And the ceramic fish likes hiding in them too.

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