River Rock and Limestone Mosaic Garden Fence Inspiration

Looking for ways to dress up your plain block wall? Here’s a fun idea I saw driving around.

This beautiful wall is built from river rocks, flat stones, limestone and other cool material. It runs for about half a city block. It is a ‘real’ wall, built out of stone. It must’ve taken forever to build. They had to work out how each stone fit with the other, how it would stand and how it would last. It has been there for a few decades, so they must have been doing something right. This wall is also about six miles away from the Northridge Earthquake epicenter and it still looks perfect!

Now, I’m not suggesting you go out and build a wall like this next weekend (although let me know if you do)!

We all seem to have a problem area that needs dressing up like some cinder block or a flat stretch of plain wall.

How about covering it with a facade of rocks? You could attach them with plaster or tile adhesives perhaps. Or you could try painting a pattern like this on your cinder block. I’d try it on a small stretch of wall first, just to get the hang of things first.

Any Master Rocksmiths out there? Have you tried something like this?
Let me know, and send me a link if you have photos.