Liquid Amber Tree Brings Autumn to Los Angeles

liquid amber fall leaf colorI went in search of some leaves changing color for my LA blog just to prove we have Fall in Los Angeles.

I knew I could rely on our Liquid Amber trees for a little fall color on this first day of Autumn. 

In LA Liquidambar styraciflua are used as street trees and a whole street lined with flaming red trees is very dramatic.

These trees are native to North America.  Their Latin name is Liquidambar styraciflua and they are also called American Sweetgum or Redgum.  

Kids know these trees by the little balls full of stickers they produce.  We called them Sticker Balls, but others may call them Monkey Balls.  When they dry they are pretty sharp.  They also are prized by crafters for their unique form, but they won’t be dry for a few more months.

Throw a few colored leaves around the table tonight or make a little bouquet for your desk to get into the Fall mood.