Newsflash: Rosary plant (Crassula rupestris) getting ready to flower

Rosary plant flowers from theGardenPages

I have exciting news from my garden. The rosary plant has flower buds!

I love these little plants. I’ve got them spread out around the patio filling in pots.  I’m excited because my rosary plants don’t all bloom reliably every year.

This one is in a tiny pot about 3 inches across. It is on the north side of the house.  I don’t think it gets any sun at all in that spot. It has been ‘established’ in that pot for a few years so I think that’s why I am getting flowers. My cuttings seem to need a few years to get growing before they feel like flowering.

The flower springs get large in proportion to the plant but they look like your basic crassula flower.

More photos after the flowers open!