Wisteria Pods Popping Over My Patio, It Must Be Fall

Wisteria seed pods


wisteria flowersHere’s a beautiful photo of my wisteria in bloom.  I need it to remind me why I love that vine on my patio.

After the flowers set seed they turn into giant seed pods.  

Right about now is when the seed pods dry out and start popping.  

They explode, sending out four or five seed disks flying and two twisted sides of the pod.  


You can hear them across the yard popping, then you hear glass cracking or dogs yelping when the seed shrapnel hits something.  

wisteria seed podsOK, maybe I’m exaggerating, but you can hear them, and the patio isn’t the safest place to be right now.

The bricks are covered with crackly pods and seeds the size of dimes and pennies.

There is a giant wisteria growing near Los Angeles called the Sierra Madre Wisteria Vine.  

It was planted in 1894 and is known as the largest flowering plant on the planet.  


wisteria seeds and podsThey have a huge Wisteria Festival in the spring. I always wonder what it’s like over there when all the pods are popping.

Here’s a cool article I found about the Sierra Madre Wisteria Vine at the Times…