Hot Pink Bromeliad Flowers of Aechmea or Urn Plant

Urn Plant Aechmea pink bromeliad flower

I’m late for my Friday Floral, so I’m making this weeks floral photo a doozy.

This is an Aechmea, or Urn Plant or Pitcher Plant.  It is happily growing at my mother’s house and she reports that these flowers have been blooming since the summer!

Unique Aechmea Urn Plant pink bromeliad flower

Unique Aechmea Urn Plant pink bromeliad flowerThese are native to Central and South America and are known to grow on trees.  They have a prehistoric look to me, this should be growing in Jurassic Park.

They are in the bromeliad family and like shade with no frost.  The Sunset Western Garden Book lists them for Zones 22 -24, or USDA Zone 10 or above.

The flowers are about a foot long and about 6 inches across at the top.  The dark green leaves are about three feet long with a silver stripe.

The flowers rise out of the urn or pitcher formed by the leaves.  These flowers are hot pink, but they also come in shades of purple or red with a hint of orange or blue.