Friday Floral; My Color Change Crassula Capitella Is Flowering

crassula-capitella flowers

I just love this succulent plant.  I found it in a little 2 inch pot with no tag in the ‘novelty succulent plant’ heap at the local big box home improvement store.

Since then I have been able to spread this plant down around the garden and over the patio in pots.

It is named crassula capitella or Campfire Plant or Red Flames.  The most unique characteristic of crassula capitella is how it changes colors.

Color Change Crassula Capitella Succulent Plants

Right now, in winter it is flaming red.  Sometimes it is bright apple green and other times it is green with red tips.

Today this hot little number is mostly flaming red with tall spikes of little white flowers.


This plant has a spreading habit, but it likes to point the tips up.

It sprouts roots from the stems sometimes before it even hits the ground.

In containers it will drape gracefully before turning it’s tips skyward.  One of my faves.