Daffodil Flowers in Sparkling Waterford Crystal: Friday Floral

creamy white and yellow daffodil flowers

Yes, it is January, but I already have daffodils flowering in my garden.  I planted these bulbs years ago.  We’ve had a little rain here in southern California so they’ve taken that as their big chance to flower.  I know we’re still in the dead of winter, but they seem to have their own schedule. 

Which reminds me to remind you; check your rocks.  I try to use markers for my bulbs but sometimes they don’t all get marked.  I just located a few bulbs coming up under a nice collection of pink granite in one of the flower beds.  Now I’ve been turning over rocks and stepping stones just to be sure I haven’t forgotten any others!

There are a few different daffodils in this photo.  One is a paper white variety; all creamy flowers with a wonderful fragrance.  Another is a bright white version, and there is also the traditional daffodil with the yellow center and white petals.  They are perfuming my entire living room at the moment, making me feel luck, luck, lucky.  They want to point upwards in the vase, I forgot how they seem to move overnight.

daffodil vase

The flowers are in my favorite (and only) Waterford crystal vase.  I believe this is their pineapple pattern.  I especially happy to report this is one of the few breakables to survive the Northridge earthquake.  I found it completely unscathed, sitting on top of a pile of rubble in my living room.  There is just no substitute for quality craftsmanship.  I am sorry to hear they are now in receivership, so I’ve added an extra photo of their beautiful work with the sun shining through to make rainbows, and picking up the color of the glass marbles in the bottom of the vase.