Free Trees and Discount Garden or Landscape Equipment for Los Angeles Gardeners

There are a few great deals and information out there for southern California gardeners if you know where to look. I’ve dug up a few cool deals for your garden right now.  L.A. city and county  both have great information about planting native or other drought tolerant plants, composting, and other ways to save water in your garden.


Los Angeles County Department of Public Works; Compost Bins and Free Classes

Some compost bins can cost $80-100 plus, but theirs are $40. And they show you how to do it with free classes and information. Or go for a worm bin with free worms for $65.


Los Angeles City Department of Public Works; Bureau of Sanitation, Compost Bins and Free Classes

They have a wonderful facility in the heart of beautiful Griffith Park. This is where I got my compost bin. They have several demonstrations set up to show you how to handle our crazy southern California soil problems, what types of mulch to use and lots of info on dealing with drought. It’s so cool even Huell Howser has been there! They also have monthly Composting Events and Composting Workshops and Bin Sales.!


Los Angeles County Department of Public Works; Smart Gardening Pages

Wondering what to plant this spring? Find trees that are exactly suited to southern California. Here’s a list of trees and shrubs that are drought tolerant, provide shade to help reduce your power consumption and play nice with sidewalks and concrete!  Their site also has info on fire-wise gardening, composting, worm composting, instruction videos and more.


Los Angeles County Waterworks District;  Drought Tolerant Plants  & Xeriscaping

The Waterworks District has water conservation tips and downloadable pdfs with info and lists on native and drought tolerant plants.  They remind you these plants help to conserve hundreds of gallons of water each year for a single family home!


Los Angeles Department of Water and Power; Free Classes and Mulch (and sometimes trees)

Free mulch and classes, water-wise gardening tips and more. They also have a free tree program


Happy Gardening!