Red And White Striped Roses Blooming for #FloralFriday

striped roses

This is my favorite rose bush, it is a red and white striped floribunda rose.  I can’t find the tag though so I can’t tell you it’s name.  I planted it because it reminded me of a beloved Rosa Mundi I left behind at a previous garden.

This rose usually gets one large burst of flowers during the season on one giant cane that has rosebuds opening in huge clusters.  Right now it’s just sending out a few teaser flowers.  We’ve had some rain this January so it is getting ready for the big show.

Every petal has a different pattern in either red striped with white or white with red splotches.  When the rose is completely open the colors are very distinct.  But, if you pick the rosebuds before they are fully open, the colors will bleed into each other.  This should be named Temptation!

These have a very light rose scent.  I broke my rule about only planting roses you can smell for this one, but I think it’s well worth it.