Peach Flavored Roses With Raindrops For #FloralFriday

peach rose

OK, they don’t really taste like peaches, they’re just peachy in color, and they really smell like roses.  The rain stopped just long enough for me to take this photo of my blooming rose.  It’s peach or salmon colored.  I can’t find the tag in the mud so we’ll have to remain in suspense as to its name.

I’ve made a point of planting roses first for their fragrance and then for the color.  I knew a pastel peach would make color matching dicey.  I planted it next to a bright yellow rose and the two make a nice bouquet (when they’re blooming at the same time.)  This pastel orange color also looks pretty with lavender flowers or anything white.  Now that I think of it, I’ll have to try these roses in an arrangement with my Peace Rose and see how they look.

Another clue to this rose’s identity is the blooming habit.  It never seems to get that perfect arrangement of petals unfolding.  There’s either a double center or something else going on in center of the rose.  Kind of a fun little quirk.  I’m thinking of turning this rose into a poster or note card.  Let me know what you think.

And feel free to add your guess as to the name of this rose.  We have more rain in the forecast (yay) so it’ll take me a few days to unearth the name tag.