Future Wisteria Flowers for #FloralFriday

wisteria buds and clouds

The wisteria in my garden is just getting ready to bloom.

There is one little petal open in this wisteria photo, but I think the real star of the show are the interesting cloud formations floating around today.

Anywho, the wisteria buds are good because this is about the time I should be chopping it down.

IF I was going to take it out.

Wisteria Patio PodsThere is a giant mound of leaves, huge seed pod parts and branches covering the patio (yes, I’m a lazy slob).  But when the pods are popping open and sending out seed shrapnel, it is just not safe to be out there. Every year I think about just taking it out.

But then it flowers and I remember why I love this plant.  I know soon the patio will be dripping with delicate purple wisteria flowers and the air will be full of their perfume.  Also, it seems perfectly happy with my laid-back attitude about watering (er, not watering).

wisteria-budsI suppose the buds are there to remind me the flowers are just around the corner. Just be patient.

And so, my dysfunctional relationship with my wisteria continues.

I’ll post the flowers when they open.