Purple Wisteria Blossoms, Pink And Peach Peace Rose on #FloralFriday

wisteria rose

Today’s frequently #FloralFriday features beautiful purple, violet wisteria blossoms and a peachy pink Peace rose.  There’s also an element of trepidation and mystery, but I’ll get to that later.

When I moved into this house there were a few old, giant rose bushes.  They seemed to want to climb, so I put a little arch in that goes from the edge of their bed, over a path next to the trellis.  Now it climbs over the path and looks stunning when it blooms.  This looks like a Peace Rose to me with the delicate peach and pink blush on the flowers.  It has recovered from the sunburned canes it suffered in last years’ 120 degree heat waves.  I suppose it would flower more if I watered it more, but it seems pretty happy with my slapdash watering schedule.  We are in a drought here in Los Angeles, but I do give the roses my leftover ice cubes and random kitchen water.  Besides, she’s a tough old broad.

The wisteria vine is at the height of its’ flowering too.  It is covering the trellis, but it can be an unruly wanderer.   I have to keep pulling its’ tendrils off the roses before the entire bush is swallowed up whole.  The flowers are dangling down over the patio and the air is perfumed with their delicate creamy scent.  The blossoms are falling and covering everything like lavender snow.  The bumble bees seem to like the wisteria too.  I am horribly allergic to the bumblers, and my sister has a hilariously humiliating story she can tell you about one day…. When she gets her own blog.  I’m just not going to make any sudden moves out there for the next week or two.

Surprisingly the Carpenter bees (and whether or not my sister will post her humiliating story about me in the Comments) are not the element of fear in this story.  It is whether or not my photo turned out.  I’m having trouble with the monitor of my beloved Powerbook G4.  I’m looking in between the pink vertical lines on my screen, but I think it turned out ok.  Please let me know.

Happy Friday!