Towering, Drought Tolerant Pink Hollyhocks in California for Friday Floral

My neighbor’s hollyhocks are blooming again. They tower over her garden with huge flowers and I admit to being a wee bit jealous. The old-fashioned garden hollyhock of my childhood storybooks is also called Althaea rosea. They are native to the Mediteranian region which means they make perfect flowers for a low water yard. See? Read More

Hot Pink Flowering Bougainvillea

Here’s a quick late night Friday Floral for you. The bougainvilleas are blooming here in southern California. Their colors can range from purple to reds, pinks or white, but my favorites are the hot pink versions. This one is climbing over a fence in my neighborhood. Once they get established bougainvilleas are great ramblers; rambling Read More

Awesome Aechmea Bromeliad Flower Performance Continues!

  Just in time for #FloralFriday on theGardenPages; the flowers on my Aechmea just keep getting better. I showed you the prickly pink flowers when they first emerged from my Urn Plant. Now they have continued flowering with added features! The blooms develop what look like extra flowers consisting of deep blue petals deep inside Read More

Growing Kalanchoe for Drought Tolerant Gardens or as House Plants for Friday Floral

You may not think of kalanchoes as succulent plants, but they are. Kalanchoes are another member of the Crassulaceae or Stonecrop family. They are reliable dry garden bloomers known for their bright flowers. Most varieties are perennial and evergreen, making them perfect candidates for my hot, dry landscape. Their flowers bloom in small bouquets of Read More

Hopseed Bush Or Dodonaea Viscosa, Fast Growing Drought Tolerant Screen Plants for So. California

I have been profiling a number of drought tolerant, fast growing screen plants lately and Dodonaea belongs on the list too.  These lacy shrubs are also called Hop Bush or Hopseed Bush after their seed pods that resemble hops.  Hop Seed bushes come with leaves in either bright, lime green or dark purple.  Both versions Read More

Euryops: Drought Tolerant, Fast Growing Winter Flowering Shrubs For Southern California

If you are looking for a nice drought tolerant shrub that flowers almost year-round try Euryops. I planted these as a quick fix for a bare bed about four years ago. I knew they were fairly fast growing and flowered in winter. The plan was to get something started quick and fill in the blank Read More

Free Trees and Discount Garden or Landscape Equipment for Los Angeles Gardeners

There are still a few great deals out there for southern California gardeners if you know where to look. I’ve dug up a few cool deals for your garden right now. Better get them while they last! Those budget cuts could kick in at any time! Discount compost bins and classes:I’ve found two links, visit Read More

Sprouting Amaryllis, Daffodils, Calla and Freesia, Happy New Year From theGardenPages

This New Year’s Day I have sprouting amaryllis, daffodils and freesia bulbs in the garden. We’ve had a bit of rain in Los Angeles, so there are a few bulbs that take this as their cue to get an early start on spring flowers. I am enchanted by the fragrance of freesias (top photo). I Read More

Toyon: Red and Green California Christmas Holly

This is Toyon, also called California Christmas Berry or Christmas Holly or Heteromeles arbutifolia. These beautiful shrubs are prized for their bright red berries and deep green leaves. This is a fantabulous alternative to regular Holly (Ilex) when you need something drought-tolerant for your garden AND a little something for the birds and the bees Read More