Towering, Drought Tolerant Pink Hollyhocks in California for Friday Floral

My neighbor’s hollyhocks are blooming again. They tower over her garden with huge flowers and I admit to being a wee bit jealous. The old-fashioned garden hollyhock of my childhood storybooks is also called Althaea rosea. They are native to the Mediteranian region which means they make perfect flowers for a low water yard. See? Read More

Hot Pink Flowering Bougainvillea

Here’s a quick late night Friday Floral for you. The bougainvilleas are blooming here in southern California. Their colors can range from purple to reds, pinks or white, but my favorites are the hot pink versions. This one is climbing over a fence in my neighborhood. Once they get established bougainvilleas are great ramblers; rambling Read More

Fall Planting Tips: 3 Flowering Succulent Plants For Drought Tolerant Gardens And Containers

Succulents are plants that are able to store water in their stems and leaves, enabling them to live for long periods of time without water. They are similar to cactus but without the thorns (usually). This is a very large grouping of plants with many different colors, leaf shapes and growth habits. Most succulent plants Read More

Sprouting Amaryllis, Daffodils, Calla and Freesia, Happy New Year From theGardenPages

This New Year’s Day I have sprouting amaryllis, daffodils and freesia bulbs in the garden. We’ve had a bit of rain in Los Angeles, so there are a few bulbs that take this as their cue to get an early start on spring flowers. I am enchanted by the fragrance of freesias (top photo). I Read More

Where To Find Free Seed Starting Equipment For Your Garden

It’s easy to find seed starting containers for your vegetables, flowers and plant cuttings, without spending any extra money. Containers of every shape and size are all around. Here are a few I found in my kitchen: A clear plastic lettuce container with lid, it’s about a foot wide and good 8 inches across. This Read More

Toyon: Red and Green California Christmas Holly

This is Toyon, also called California Christmas Berry or Christmas Holly or Heteromeles arbutifolia. These beautiful shrubs are prized for their bright red berries and deep green leaves. This is a fantabulous alternative to regular Holly (Ilex) when you need something drought-tolerant for your garden AND a little something for the birds and the bees Read More

Plant Profile: Desert Willows, Chilopsis Make Good Choices for Fall Planting in Dry Southern California Gardens

Yes, it’s going to be 90 today, but my Favorite Time of the Year is just around the corner! It’s almost time for Fall Planting Season. This is your chance to decide what your personal landscape will look like next year – and how much money you are willing to give to the DWP each Read More