My Solution For Preventing The Next Arcadia Woodlands Type Old-Growth Forest Destruction

My dear garden readers; Would you throw away pristine, nutrient-rich silt?  Would you hack down 11 acres of old-growth forest for a dumping ground for said silt?  No?  Then get ready to be called crazy, wacky, a tree-hugger and more. Personally, for someone who calls herself a gardenholic, flower freak and other silly names the Read More

Fall Planting Tips: 3 Flowering Herbs to Plant Now In Southern California Gardens

It is a lucky cook who is able to pluck a few fresh sprouts from a nearby herb plant to spice up a dish on the stove. Here are a few fabulous herbs that do well in drought tolerant gardens. Fall is a perfect time to plant them, so get out there already! Here are Read More

Growing My Victory Garden, New Vintage Art Design For The Home Vegetable Gardener

My newest gardening themed artwork is for home gardeners growing their own food at home.  During both World Wars, people were encouraged to grow their own food at home to stretch rations.  Today people are growing their own fruits and vegetables at home to make ends meet in a brutal economy.  This unique design incorporates Read More

How to Buy Teak or Other Forest Products; First Read The Free Greenpeace Good Wood Guide

I found a great garden resource I’d like to share with you all.  It is for anyone who is shopping for indoor or outdoor patio furniture this summer and more to the point, anyone who likes breathing air on this planet.  It’s by our Australia Pacific Greenpeace pals, called The Good Wood Guide and lets you look Read More

Free Trees and Discount Garden or Landscape Equipment for Los Angeles Gardeners

There are still a few great deals out there for southern California gardeners if you know where to look. I’ve dug up a few cool deals for your garden right now. Better get them while they last! Those budget cuts could kick in at any time! Discount compost bins and classes:I’ve found two links, visit Read More

One of My Favorite Parts of Fall in Southern California: the California Native Plant Sale Oct 11 & 12 2008

I just got the postcard today!  Admission is free and this comes perfectly timed for Fall Planting Season.  This is a great place to find beautiful native plants for your area, even if you have dry shade, full blazing sun or live in a boggy canyon bottom.  Plus they always have great food, so I’m Read More