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Fall Planting Tips: 3 Flowering Herbs to Plant Now In Southern California Gardens

It is a lucky cook who is able to pluck a few fresh sprouts from a nearby herb plant to spice up a dish on the stove. Here are a few fabulous herbs that do well in drought tolerant gardens. Fall is a perfect time to plant them, so get out there already! Here are Read More

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Blue Flowering Sage Herb Plants For Friday Floral

My sage is blooming now, it is so pretty I just had to share it with you.  This is my regular culinary sage.  I must say I am very impressed with how drought tolerant it is!  It is growing with some lavender and artimis plants.  Both plants are known to be drought tolerant bloomers, but Read More

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Plant Profile: Ethereal White Sage Blooms Add Grace to Southern California

California White Sage (Salvia apiana)This beautiful shrub is native to Southern California and Baja. It is usually found growing wild in the coastal sage scrub habitat on the western edges of the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. The books say it will grows five feet tall (at least) and 5 feet across, but I have seen Read More