Brush Cherry; Drought Tolerant Screen Plant Profile

Brush Cherry, or Carolina Laurel is a pretty, dependable garden shrub that grows quickly into screens or hedges.  These shrubs can grow up to 30 feet tall and 10 – 12 feet wide.  I have seen mature stands of Carolina Laurel grow even taller. Carolina Laurel is versatile too, growing in full sun to part Read More

Hopseed Bush Or Dodonaea Viscosa, Fast Growing Drought Tolerant Screen Plants for So. California

I have been profiling a number of drought tolerant, fast growing screen plants lately and Dodonaea belongs on the list too.  These lacy shrubs are also called Hop Bush or Hopseed Bush after their seed pods that resemble hops.  Hop Seed bushes come with leaves in either bright, lime green or dark purple.  Both versions Read More

Leyland Cypress Fast-Growing Drought Tolerant Landscape Screen Plants

Leyland cypress (Cupressocyparis leylandii) is a very fast growing tree that grows tall and thin, making them perfect for privacy screen plants in the landscape. These plants can grow four to five feet in one season!  Their columnar shape helps them fit in along the back of the border or between houses.  The top is a Read More

Wednesday Plant Profile: Italian Cypress (Cupressus Sempervirens) For Tall Screens In Dry California Gardens

Italian cypress is a familiar staple in the city, the deep, bluish green trees growing along border lines as tall screens.  They grow up to 60 feet high on single trunks with a thin, round shape.  Plants are generally 1-2 feet wide but mature plants can be much wider.  All cypresses prefer full sun, but Read More

Wednesday Plant Profile: Optuna Cactus and How to Eat Prickly Pears

It’s almost time for prickly pears!  I grow a prickly pear cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica) in my back yard and it has great pears.  Opuntia cactus also have edible pads, the younger ones are more tender.  This cactus variety grows wild in the southwestern United States and Mexico.  Prickly pear cactus have deep green branching pads, Read More

Plant Profile: Desert Willows, Chilopsis Make Good Choices for Fall Planting in Dry Southern California Gardens

Yes, it’s going to be 90 today, but my Favorite Time of the Year is just around the corner! It’s almost time for Fall Planting Season. This is your chance to decide what your personal landscape will look like next year – and how much money you are willing to give to the DWP each Read More