Fall Planting Tips: 3 Flowering Succulent Plants For Drought Tolerant Gardens And Containers

Succulents are plants that are able to store water in their stems and leaves, enabling them to live for long periods of time without water. They are similar to cactus but without the thorns (usually). This is a very large grouping of plants with many different colors, leaf shapes and growth habits. Most succulent plants Read More

Growing Kalanchoe for Drought Tolerant Gardens or as House Plants for Friday Floral

You may not think of kalanchoes as succulent plants, but they are. Kalanchoes are another member of the Crassulaceae or Stonecrop family. They are reliable dry garden bloomers known for their bright flowers. Most varieties are perennial and evergreen, making them perfect candidates for my hot, dry landscape. Their flowers bloom in small bouquets of Read More

You Say Aeonium I Say Echeveria Succulent Plant; It Is Blooming For Friday Floral

Here is an update on the flowing succulent plant in my garden. My Complete Book of Cactus and Succulent volume is telling me this is an aeonium haworthii and even includes a photo. Most of the aeoniums I see have flat leaves and tend to look like a plate on the end of a stick. Read More

Aeonium And Crassula Tetragona Succulent Plant Flowers For Friday Floral

A few of my succulent plants are flowering out in the succulent patch.  First is my Aeonium.  It is one of the many plants called Hens and Chicks.  I’ve written about aeonium before and I even have one that changes colors with the seasons.  These succulent plants slowly form clumps a foot or more around Read More

Friday Floral; Gollum Jade is Flowering and Looking Like Sea Coral

OK, this is the late night, almost full moon edition of Friday Floral. Here is a flowering Crassula Portulacea, commonly called Horseshoe or Spoon Jade. Or more lately Gollum Jade and now Shrek Fingers. I’m sure it will have a new nickname when another movie comes out. Anyway, this has typical crassula-type flowers, almost exactly Read More

Plant Profile: Crassula Tetragona Easy Succulent Plants for Dry Gardens

Crassula tetragona are drought tolerant succulent plants that look like pine branches with fat needles sticking out the sides, or perhaps a green bottle brush flower. These unique crassula are often used in bonsai containers to look like pine trees. In the ground, they grow up to 4 feet tall. The plants will branch at Read More

FloralFriday Rosary Plant Flowers Open in So Cal

The flowers have finally opened on my Rosary Plant (crassula rupestris). Woo hooo! I’m excited because not all of my plants bloom every year. This little guy is in a 3 inch pot and it is his second year. I am completely enchanted by these cute little succulent plants. I’ve got them filling in pots Read More

Newsflash: Rosary plant (Crassula rupestris) getting ready to flower

I have exciting news from my garden. The rosary plant has flower buds! I love these little plants. I’ve got them spread out around the patio filling in pots.  I’m excited because my rosary plants don’t all bloom reliably every year. This one is in a tiny pot about 3 inches across. It is on Read More