My Solution For Preventing The Next Arcadia Woodlands Type Old-Growth Forest Destruction

My dear garden readers; Would you throw away pristine, nutrient-rich silt?  Would you hack down 11 acres of old-growth forest for a dumping ground for said silt?  No?  Then get ready to be called crazy, wacky, a tree-hugger and more. Personally, for someone who calls herself a gardenholic, flower freak and other silly names the Read More

A Green Bean Garden Bonanza? Garden Fresh Recipes, Lore and Labels

When my son was about 6 years old he used to pick green beans right off the vine and eat them in the garden.  As a mom I was thrilled he was getting his organic vegetables fresh as a gardener I was happy to overlook the occasional damage caused by his harvesting technique.  If you Read More

What’s Blooming In Southern California This April

Wondering what to plant now that will bloom next spring?Here are a few drought tolerant ideas for you.All of these plants in my garden are growing on rainfall alone.OK, when it was 120 degrees last year I may have done a little watering, but that was it, really. I am impressed with the results. Take Read More

Fall Planting Tips: 3 Flowering Herbs to Plant Now In Southern California Gardens

It is a lucky cook who is able to pluck a few fresh sprouts from a nearby herb plant to spice up a dish on the stove. Here are a few fabulous herbs that do well in drought tolerant gardens. Fall is a perfect time to plant them, so get out there already! Here are Read More

Blooming Aechmea Bromeliad Update for Friday Floral

The flowers on my aechmea plant are finally opening. They are on stalks about a foot long coming out of the center of the plant. The flower is about 6 inches wide from tendril to spiky tendril. Aechmeas can be grown in Sunset Zones 22 -24, or (USDA Zone 10 or above or hardy to Read More

Astounding Amaryllis Flowers Blooming in So California August Heat

Amaryllis belladonna are fascinating flowers. They bloom straight out of the bare ground on tall stalks. Their flowers are large and dramatic, shaped like trumpets about four inches long. They smell wonderful and can perfume a room on a hot summer day. They bloom in late summer or early fall. The leaves are on a Read More

You Say Aeonium I Say Echeveria Succulent Plant; It Is Blooming For Friday Floral

Here is an update on the flowing succulent plant in my garden. My Complete Book of Cactus and Succulent volume is telling me this is an aeonium haworthii and even includes a photo. Most of the aeoniums I see have flat leaves and tend to look like a plate on the end of a stick. Read More

Flowering Lavender Herb Plants in My Sunny, Dry Southern California Garden

Here is one of my favorite plants; lavender. I have two French lavender plants growing in my garden. Both have been flowering for months now and both have proven to be extremely drought tolerant and beautiful. Even lavender leaves are sticky with essential oils and perfume the air. I use the flowers and leaves for Read More

Blue Flowering Sage Herb Plants For Friday Floral

The sage is blooming now, it is so pretty I just had to share it with you.This is regular culinary sage. I must say I am very impressed with how drought tolerant it is! It is growing with some lavender and artemis plants. Both plants are known to be drought tolerant bloomers, but I was Read More