Dry Garden Herbs

boquet garni herbsGrowing Drought Tolerant Herbs in Your Kitchen Garden

Did you know many popular kitchen herbs can be grown in a drought tolerant garden?

You don’t need a greenhouse, or an estate garden to grow fresh rosemary, sage and other herbs.  Many are native to dry, Mediterranean areas, and are very drought tolerant.

Some drought-tolerant herbs are used in landscaping as much for their alluring aroma, but their reliable flowers and ability to withstand hot, dry conditions.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Flowering Garden Sage

Care and Growth of Sage

Some sages are valuable cooking herbs, all are beautiful and fragrant drought-tolerant garden bloomers.  Annual sages are great for quick color in flower beds.  Consider adding ...
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Rosemary plant herbs

Growing Rosemary Plants as Cooking Herb and Drought Tolerant Flowering Shrub

Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) is a perennial, evergreen shrub.  Not only are they wonderful cooking herbs, they are also dependable plants to consider in any drought tolerant ...
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lavender flowers

Fragrant Lavender Plants

lavender flowers Lavender (lavandula) plants are small shrubs native to the warm, dry Mediterranean region.  They are perfect for drought tolerant gardens and provide wonderful fragrant ...
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geranium flowers from theGardenPages

Geraniums or Pelargonium Growth and Care

There are many varieties of geraniums and different plants are called the same name by different people. The brightly colored garden favorite has the Latin name ...
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bay laurel leaves

Care and Growth of Bay Laurel

Care and Growth of Bay Laurel, Grecian Laurel or Laurus Nobilis Table of Contents Care and Growth of Bay Laurel, Grecian Laurel or Laurus NobilisBay leaves ...
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