Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips and Ideas

A few helpful gardening tips for starting seeds, saving money on garden supplies and using less water in your garden.


Organic Gardening Tips

It’s easy to go organic!  Here at theGardenPages we have been (mostly) organic gardening for years.  Not because we’re on a crusade to change the world, ...
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Nice Cakey Compost Texture!

Backyard Organic Composting Tips

Composting is a easy way to improve your long-term soil structure and fertilize your plants. Compost systems can be as simple as a box of clippings ...
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Floral Art and Gardener Sayings

My Collection of Gardening Art and Sayings Find funny gardener saying t-shirts and hats, gardening aprons and hats, seed saving stickers and envelopes, mugs and lots ...
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Container Gardening Tips

Container Gardening Tips

Containers gardens are a great way to have vegetables and flowers without a yard. Plants can be grown in anything from an empty soup can to ...
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Drought tolerant screen plants

Drought Tolerant Screen Plants

Drought Tolerant Shrubs, Trees and Other Plants for Quick Garden Privacy Screens or Hedges Many people are rediscovering the joys of taking ‘staycations’ by staying home ...
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blue water at Balboa Lake

Low-Water Gardening and Drought Woes

Blue Water and Ducks at Balboa Lake in Reseda, CA Low-Water Gardening, Watering Tips, Rationing and Graywater Use in The West Most of the plants I ...
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heirloom fruits and vegetables

Growing and Saving Heirloom Vegetables

The Case For Growing and Saving Heirloom Vegetables and Plants Heirloom or heritage seeds in general are seeds that have been saved and grown year after ...
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