Low-Water Gardening and Drought Woes

blue water at Balboa Lake
Blue Water and Ducks at Balboa Lake in Reseda, CA


Low-Water Gardening, Watering Tips, Rationing and Graywater Use in The West

Most of the plants I write about on my GardenPages are drought tolerant or can withstand less than the normal amount of water.  But there are even more ways to conserve water around the house and in the garden.

Given the current state of water shortages and rationing, especially in the West, I decided to start a page of resources and tips on saving water.

Minimizing Water Rationing Woes

If your area has been hit with water rationing, the lawn will probably have to go, but you can still might save your plants.

Here are a few tips to help save water in the garden and maybe a few of your favorite flowers!

* Pick one small area, or just one or two favorite plants to water.

* Mulch, mulch, mulch!  Use bark chips, purchased mulch or compost.

* Water at night when evaporation is less.

* Pour out the ice chest, leftover water bottles, etc. onto your favorite plant.

* Leftover pickle juice, coffee or tea are great for tomatoes and roses.

* Leftover cooking water from steaming vegetables is great for pouring on the compost pile or lawn.  – Never use water with animal material in it; i.e. butter or broth.

* One good soak is generally better for plants than several light watering.

* Put a saucer under pots to retain water.  Just watch out for mosquitoes.

*  Consider a grey-water system.

If you live in Los Angeles, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California offers rebates on washers, toilets, sprinkler systems and other water saving gadgets!