Color Change Crassula Capitella Succulent Plant Care

Color Change Crassula Capitella Succulent Plants
Color Change Crassula Capitella Succulent Plants

This is Crassula capitella, sometimes called Crassula erosula.  This unique succulent plant has also been called Red Flames or Campfire Plant.  It has bright, lime green leaves with flaming orange red tips.  Sometimes the entire plant turns red.

This crassula gets tiny white flowers on upright, 6 to 8 inch stalks in early spring.  When grown in shade, the leaves are bright apple green most of the year.

These crassula succulent plants can take full sun to light shade, love heat and are easy to root and grow.   They will change color depending on the amount of sunlight they get.

The leaves on this succulent can either appear as bright apple green or flaming red.  They are drought tolerant and only want light watering.

They can take frost for a few hours, but not a hard freeze.  Frost damage usually looks like small brown dots on the leaf.  This won’t go away, but it shouldn’t hurt the plant.

green crassula capitella Red flame succulent plantThese crassula plants are great for hanging baskets too.  I would not recommend them for succulent plant wreaths however, they growth is too fast.

Crassula capitella spread by runners and will eventually form a mat about 6 to 8 inches tall, like ice plant.  Plants form roots at their joints even before they touch the ground.

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