Haworthia Correcta Window Plant

Haworthia plants are native to southern Africa and there are many species and hybrids.  I just love these succulent little gems and this plant seems to have developed a cult following among succulent gardeners.

Some Haworthia plants have fat, translucent leaves with pale stripes or dots on the outside and jelly-like leaf centers.  Some have dark green stalks with white stripes or dots.

Tiny Gems

Haworthia Correcta Window Plant
Haworthia Correcta Window Plant

Most Haworthias remain under 6 inches tall and eventually form mounds from offsets.  They grow well in containers in shady spots.

The plants seem to glow from the inside when the sun hits them just right.  The tips of some have translucent leaf tips, like windows looking into the green jelly inside.

Some of the more common varieties of Haworthia include Zebra Plant, Cut Window Plant and Window Plant.  Some of the more rare hybrids sell for hundreds of dollars.

Care of Haworthia plants is slightly different from most succulents in that they appreciate more shade and even more water than their drought tolerant cousins.

Haworthia Sun Requirements

Haworthias like shade from the hottest sun or they will get orange and burned.  They seem to do well with dappled sunlight to deep shade.

I give mine a monthly watering like the rest of my succulents.  Over watering causes rot.  Haworthia plants are able to withstand a light frost.

If you are lucky they will reward you with a single white flower on top of a 12” stalk in the winter.  The flower has just two trumpet shaped petals.  Exquisite.

These plants are fairly carefree – except for the snails – be sure to protect them.